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About Us


Our Story

       Salvēte! My name is Alexis Carrico, I’m the creator and instructor of JAM with Latin. When I first heard my son should learn Latin I thought it was absurd. My fears were reinforced when he struggled through the Henle textbook. Determined to support him, I embarked on my own Latin learning journey to craft personalized lessons tailored to his needs.

       Before I knew it the two of us were learning to love Latin! After he graduated I didn’t want to stop. I decided to build a program that would help others learn to love Latin as much as we do.     JAM with Latin was created for the sake of students everywhere feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Using fun videos, easy-to-understand assignments, and bits size course material JAM will have you loving Latin too.

Alexis Carrico 

JAM Creator | Instructor 

Alexis Carrico is the mother of three lovely children and two adorable dogs. She studied U.S. History and education at Salve Regina University and has since spent her life teaching. When she’s not working on JAM you can find Alexis in Houston, Texas watching Friends with her youngest daughter or walking their very snobby (but cute) dog Beau. Her favorite Latin phrase is from John 1:5 et lūx in tenebrīs lucet.


Noah Carrico

Digital Developer | UX 

After struggling with Latin in high school Noah has returned to JAM with Latin as the Digital Designer. Having studied videogame development and user experience design he has been hard at work turning community feedback into a more accessible JAM experience. You can catch Noah on the weekends rock climbing in Austin TX, or playing way too many board games.

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