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JAM Merchandise 

JAM Books

Quick and fun introduction to Latin, the Summer Workbook will get your student up to speed with verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Mix Latin learning, Bible memorization, and creativity in JAM's very own coloring book!

The Novus I workbook contains the daily assignments a student needs to jump right into learning Latin. Review English grammar while learning Latin grammar.

The JAM with Latin Chart book  contains loads of handy tools to help students learn and see the many patterns of Latin.

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This is the perfect tee for Jam with Latin learners, tutors, directors, and teachers!

Esty Store

T-shirts and stickers are sold through our partner PS31MARKETPLACE. Embrace the joy of JAM with Latin while lending your support to a homeschool family business.

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Circle Stickers

3 Inch circle cut vinyl

Square Stickers

3x3 Durable Vinyl

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