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Class Catalog


Core Classes

JAM with Latin core classes are intended for students ages 12-16. Each class contains daily videos and a printable workbook that breaks Henle Latin down into easily digested chunks.

All classes come with an unlimited family membership meaning your household can retake the class for no extra cost.

Novus Classes

Designed for students eleven years old and younger, the Novus class covers fundamental concepts through engaging videos. Novus provides everything a young student needs to be successful in English and Latin. Over the course of 24 weeks, students learn grammar, sentence structure, cases, and vocabulary.

Novus Student.jpg

Director Classes

Director classes are designed for adults who want to teach Latin. They prepare teachers to lead a classroom through exclusive JAM video lectures, PDF lesson plans, and ideas for student activities. Each director class is also paired with a core class for any students in the adult’s household.

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